My Sydney 12

1 – Autumn Breeze, Winter Leaves
As soon as I arrived in Sydney, I was obsessed by Maple Leaves on the grey backdrop of cement. The relationship between the leaf and the concrete really summed up the city and the balance of environment and the city life.

2 – Love
Spending three days hand-in-hand with my fiance Elizabeth (who runs a very successful Label named Spell, blatant promo), on the eve of us both becoming parents for the first time. She had also lived in Sydney previously and guided us through some amazing moments and experiences together. Moments shared hey (the best)!

3 – Brooding Bronte
We spent a bit of time at Bronte, it’s so mellow and low key. As the swell rose one day from the East, I became obsessed with trying to capture the shore dump.

4 – Surfing
Surfing is a reflection of me, a way I express and have down time. I fell in love with the wedgy lefts of Tamarama. It doesn’t matter where I am, I always try to get to the beach!

5 – Patience
“Please wait to be seated under the tree”. Makes you stop and take a breath right?

6 – Kawa
My fiance introduced me to this great little cafe in Surry Hills Kawa, and was our little morning ritual for a couple mornings. I think Kawa is cute and I want to find out the story behind their amazing complimentary card.

7 – Air between the toes
The Winter air was mild, as your body submerges below a calm saltwater pool. I can see the Bronte pool is so popular and mesmerising even though I can’t help but look at the waves.

8 – Give me a chip!
Lunch time by the sea. Fish & Chips is calling! We went to a great little F&C place called Selfish, sat on the grassy knoll and watched the ocean evolve. Of course when there is chips there are the gulls. Had to tease them and capture their moment.

9 – Pitt St Mall
The sun was going down and I was on my way to Vivid Festival at Darling Harbour. These guys where rocking out and really livened up the atmosphere. Was awesome to see.

10 – Bird Cage Alley
Located on Angel Place, this is an artistic work called Forgotten Songs, representing all the birds that inhabited the region before we stirred the pot.

11 – Spinning Vivid Cube
This to me sums up my experience at Vivid Festival; lights, laughter and blur.

12 – ET
What will happen when we connect? Am I on a land from another time? Like a scene out of ET, this was a goodnight salute to Sydney and Vivid Festival.Photos on a were taken Nikon D7000 (with a variety of lenses) during a recent wonderful trip to Sydney. Thanks to Destination NSW for allowing the creativity to flow.

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2 Responses to “My Sydney 12”

  1. Joles Says:

    Wow – thanks for drawing my attention to Angel Place and the Forgotten Songs installation. It’s a beautiful sentiment and well executed by the looks of your pic!

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