Tempting Alice

Kirra Cheers is one of Byron Bay‘s incredible local photographic talents.

She now found her way to NEW YORK (lucky lass), but before she left I was lucky enough to do a video on Kirra for her new travel and photographic blog Tempting Alice.

It was really fun. Kirra had the great creative thoughts of filming a sequence from a hot air balloon (one of the most serene experiences), with another sequence filmed within the rainforest tranquility of Minyon Falls.

The above video is the result, one Kirra and I are very proud of. Also enjoy Miss Cheer’s amazing pics from the day below.

To follow Kirra’s travel adventures, visit her website Tempting Alice - temptingalice.com

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2 Responses to “Tempting Alice”

  1. Kirra Cheers Says:

    Thanks so much Johnny, you did such an amazing job I get so many comments on the video. It is so cool to dream something up then have you create it just the way I envisioned.

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