The Romantic Three

A little whiles back in March, Karissa Fanning of The Lane signed up Director Sybil Steele to create a video campaign for Calleija Jewellers, which happened to involve shooting three Short Films in three days!

I was lucky enough to get the scruffy-lookin’ DP and Editing role. Sybil and I are a bit of an A-Team. I’m also a bit of a romantic and love these sort of projects. To top it off, Sybil’s hubby Taylor Steele let us use his RED camera. BOOYA!

In a few short weeks Sybil and Karissa storyboarded the videos. With the blessing of an amazing crew, shot the three films in 3 consecutive days. This is the result – Aston a classic feel, Glacier is romantic and beautiful, and Pink Diamonds is the ultimate (feminine) whimsical fantasy.  Thanks to everyone involved. A memorable experience!

The music in the three videos is by MT Warning (Aston) Emma Louise (Glacier) and Frankie Rose (Pink). Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “The Romantic Three”

  1. Heart of Sedona Weddings Says:

    LOVE your work! ;)

  2. sybil Says:

    Love my fellow A Teamer!!! Nice work Johnny. Always a pleasure you big romantic.

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