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Balinese Farewell

February 21, 2012

After almost two weeks in Bali, it’s time to venture home.

Sybil Steele and I have been here making a film with CNN Hero, midwife Robin Lim. Thanks to the kind support and funding from Becky Hosmer of Anna Beck Designs. It’s been an amazing little adventure, and I’ve learnt a few tips on child birth!

Thanks to Sybil, Becky, Elaina Myers, Robin and Elizabeth Gilbert for the wonderful journey.

Stay tuned for lots of updates on the film. To support Robin’s cause, visit the Bumi Sehat website.

Bizzy’s Bali

May 23, 2011

My girlfriend Elizabeth is over in Bali with her sister Isabella making some fresh newly inspired creations for their label Spell.

She makes me proud x


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