New Website

October 25, 2012

My new website is LIVE.

So this calls for the end of this blog (sob sob). Stay connected by visiting my new website –

The Romantic Three

September 14, 2012

A little whiles back in March, Karissa Fanning of The Lane signed up Director Sybil Steele to create a video campaign for Calleija Jewellers, which happened to involve shooting three Short Films in three days!

I was lucky enough to get the scruffy-lookin’ DP and Editing role. Sybil and I are a bit of an A-Team. I’m also a bit of a romantic and love these sort of projects. To top it off, Sybil’s hubby Taylor Steele let us use his RED camera. BOOYA!

In a few short weeks Sybil and Karissa storyboarded the videos. With the blessing of an amazing crew, shot the three films in 3 consecutive days. This is the result – Aston a classic feel, Glacier is romantic and beautiful, and Pink Diamonds is the ultimate (feminine) whimsical fantasy.  Thanks to everyone involved. A memorable experience!

The music in the three videos is by MT Warning (Aston) Emma Louise (Glacier) and Frankie Rose (Pink). Enjoy!


September 7, 2012


Upon ripples live valleys and mountains…

6 days…

September 4, 2012


My little man Indiana having his first bath and loving it at 6 days of age 🙂

First Fathers Day

September 2, 2012

I can’t believe I’m celebrating Fathers Day today for the first time… What a trip!

A big Happy Fathers Day to all Dad’s out there!


August 31, 2012


Hands of Evolution. Fingers of Wisdom.

Black and Light

August 27, 2012


Sunset Dream. Stroking into black. Surfing into the light.

An evolutionary thought…

August 19, 2012

Today I really felt a big shift.

My fiancé Elizabeth and I having our first child in a couple days (due date of course).

It’s one of those big moments in everyone’s life. We all take it on in different ways. For me, coming at childbirth from a masculine perspective is one of thinking and re-thinking. Understanding the swirling movements of our lovers belly is a search for understanding within our minds. The little kicks sure do help to feel rather than think I must say.

As we approach this incredibly beautiful experience I feel such calm. The thoughts don’t even match this knowing feeling deeper inside. It’s awesome and strange. I always thought by the time I’d get to this point I’d be really anxious, with a dose of scared and a sprinkle of ‘faaark’. Nope.

The more advice I’ve had from many others, the closer I’ve come to this calm. There never was a perfect way to give birth to a child I suppose. I just look at my love Elizabeth and see this amazing mother. She is so amazingly calm. I wonder sometimes if she was scared would I be scared. Who knows. It doesn’t matter either really. It’s our little ride. One that billions have taken before, but when it’s your experience it’s like you are Adam and Eve.

We don’t really know how it’s all going to pan out. And the more I think I have no idea the calmer I feel again. All the advice just slips away as the finish is so close. People speak so much about being in the moment. Within the next there will suddenly be enough love for three, and I will feel something that is so big, unable to describe.

So… Here we go.

Humble Waters

August 9, 2012

I consider myself pretty aware when it comes to the ocean. Surfing most days. Watching the winds. Observing the movements in sand for that next perfect bank.

The ocean is also my source of inspiration for taking photos, making movies and going for long romantic walks on the beach (I lie, I’m no romantic).So in combining two passion lately, I went for my first adventure in the ocean with my Nikon D800, covered in an Aquatech housing. The days have been a dream lately, so it was a perfect combination for some creativity…


That’s what I was thinking to myself about an hour into the session. You might know a thing of two on land in capturing moments, but when you are covered in liquid ailments, it’s a whole new learning curve and experience. Novice. A lot to learn buddy.

So… I name my first water photography voyage “Humble Waters”, because I thought I was going to nail it, but I didn’t haha. Enjoy the piccies!

For more pics from my first shoot visit the post on Common Ground Byron Bay here –

Tempting Alice

July 24, 2012

Kirra Cheers is one of Byron Bay‘s incredible local photographic talents.

She now found her way to NEW YORK (lucky lass), but before she left I was lucky enough to do a video on Kirra for her new travel and photographic blog Tempting Alice.

It was really fun. Kirra had the great creative thoughts of filming a sequence from a hot air balloon (one of the most serene experiences), with another sequence filmed within the rainforest tranquility of Minyon Falls.

The above video is the result, one Kirra and I are very proud of. Also enjoy Miss Cheer’s amazing pics from the day below.

To follow Kirra’s travel adventures, visit her website Tempting Alice –

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